Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BILA NAK GAJI NI??????????

i'm so pissed!!! that's what i can say right now. y??? because i still haven't received my salary til today. i was looking fwd to check maybank2U to see whether my salary have been credited into my account or not. but my fren had informed me first that we have not receive our salary yet. can u believe it??? this is not the first time we receive late salary. it happens twice or thrice..i cant recall but what i can say happen since the new HR Manager from TNB took over the position from our previous substitute HR Manager. how do i feel about this?? all...frustrated..angry...and all the negative feeling compiled together. forget about the bonus which have no news til today. although other staff give this date that date but its no use to keep on hoping. i'm tired of waiting. first they say Cicak Kobeng haven't sign it yet..then they said.. already sign it..i doubt about this. if Cicak Kobeng sign it already..why o why we havent received any emel informing about bonus??? ok..let's put that aside..maybe it's only rumours that CK signed the approval to give bonus to Uni10's staff. but what about salary?? hello fellow u know how many kids does your staff have? dont u ever think about how are we going to pay all the bills, loans, daily expenses etc etc???? no need to ask for example..i'm really really broke right boys are out of milk, my car need to be filled with girls need pocket money..just tell me how m i going to solve this problem????

i feel that it's a waste of our time just trying to get this award n that award..either national or international. what do we get in return??? nothing! u expect us to give our our company help u in any way to ensure we won this n that. i bet others are like me..chanting curses to u huhuhu. if this is the kind of 'reward' that you can give us..your un precious cucumber.. i dont see why we should work hard to help u achieve anything this year.

to all..this is just an expression of dissatisfaction from someone who i think...feel a bit regret working here..suka..baca..x suka x yah nak nyebok kat sini