Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday present Aida

Ni hadiah yg aku berjaya jumpa utk diberikan pada aida. hadiah ni x sampai lagi sbb dipos dr perak n dijangka sampai on monday. aku copy drpd net je hadiah ni. Aida mmg inginkan jigsaw puzzle. puas cari merata x jumpa. nasib baik jumpa online. haaa amik ko 750pcs jigsaw puzzle utk diselesaikan hehehe

Happy 8th Birthday Aida

hari ni b'day aida yg ke 8. aku dgn hubby pulak sama2 kena bertugas pendaftaran pelajar semester khas. kek dah ditempah on friday..makanan ringan utk bg pada budak2 pun dah dibeli n siap dibungkus on friday nite. pepagi tadi lepas punch card n antar anak2 ke rumah mak aku dan hubby bergegas ke pasar untuk membeli barang2 utk menggoreng mee. tgh hari selepas ambil kek dan hantar ke rumah mak beserta barang2 utk dimasak. aku balik around 6.30 pm..pas tunaikan t/j aku dan hubby sama2 berperang di dapur utk siapkan makanan. aku ckp kat hubby..ini majlis anak kita..jgn harapkan org lain utk tolong buat berdua je la. waktu nak masuk maghrib mak balik n minta maaf sbb x dpt nak siapkan barang2 utk dimasak. aku kata sumer dah siap cuma nak goreng mee je. mak pun apa lagi..tros siapkan dapur n dia la yg menggoreng mee tu. aku nak buat sendiri tp dah mak yg nak je la..kang dia ingat aku majuk lak sbb tgk barang2 x siap lg. sedangkan aku mmg dah niat majlis aida aku nak buat keje dgn hubby je. but mum is mum..apa je majlis dia mesti nak buat keje gak.

majlis start around 9pm sbb anak2 aku galak bermain dgn kwn2 dia. tak ramai budak yg dtg sbb ada yg balik kg. adik badik aku lak ramai x leh balik sbb ada hal yg x dpt dielak. neway..majlis berjalan dgn lancar..abis 6 bungkus bihun yg digoreng..kek 2kg tu pun abis..choc cake..mmg fav budak..most of the kids siap tambah kek tu 3x hahahaha.

wisdom words part 3

1. "The world is filled with good fathers. How do we recognize them? They’re the ones who are missed so terribly that everything falls apart in their absence. They’re the ones who love us, long before we’ve even arrived. They’re the ones who come looking for us when we can’t find our way home. Yes, the world is filled with good fathers. And the best are the ones who make the women in their lives feel like good mothers."

2. "Everyone in the world needs someone they can depend on. Be they faithful friends, determined advocates, or a loving family. But occasionally in life, the people we thought would always be there for us… leave. And if that happens, it’s amazing the lengths we’ll go to, to get them back."

3. "Cameras are simple tools designed to capture images. Images that tell us more about ourselves than we realize. They remind us of the long journey we’ve taken. The loved ones who traveled alongside of us. Those we lost along the way. And those waiting for us on the road ahead."

4. "Everyone enjoys a game of make-believe now and then. Of course, the ways in which we play can vary greatly. Sometimes we tell ourselves work won't interfere with our family life. Sometimes, we imagine certain relationships to be more meaningful than they really are. Occasionally, we put on a show, as if to convince ourselves our secrets aren't really all that terrible. Yes, the game of make-believe is a simple one. You start by lying to yourself, and if you can get others to believe those lies, you win."

5. "Competition means different things to different people. But whether it’s a friendly rivalry... or a fight to the death... the end result is the same. There will be winners... and there will be losers. Of course, the trick is to know which battles to fight. You see... no victory comes without a price."

6. Every storm brings with it hope that somehow by morning everything will be made clean again, and even the most troubling stains would have disappeared ... so we wait for the storm to pass, hoping for the best even though we know in our hearts some stains are indelible nothing can wash them away.

wisdom words part 2

another wisdom words taken from desperate housewives

1. "We've all done something in our lives we're ashamed of. Some of us have fallen for the wrong man. Some have let go of the right woman. There are those who have humiliated their parents and those who have failed their children. Yes, we've all made mistakes that diminish us and those we love. But there is redemption if we try to learn from those mistakes and grow."

2. "Temptation comes to all of us. Whether or not we succumb depends on our ability to recognize its disguise. Sometimes it arrives in the form of an old flame, flickering back to life. Or a new friend who could end up being so much more. Or a young child who awakens feelings we didn't know we had. And so we give in to temptation, all the while knowing come morning, we'll have to suffer the consequences."

3. "The world is filled with unlikely friendships. How do they begin? With one person desperately in need and another willing to lend a helping hand. When such kindness is offered, we're finally able to see the worth of those we had previously written off. And before we know it, a bond has formed, regardless of whether others can understand it. Yes, unlikely friendships start up every day. No one understands this more than the lonely. In fact, it's what they count on."

4. "The world is filled with unlikely friendships. Odd pairings that to the casual observer make absolutely no sense at all. But if you look closer, we can see why these alliances form. After all, a shared purpose can give even mortal enemies common ground."

5. "Everyone understands the nature of war. We also understand that victory depends on the cards that we have been dealt. Some, when faced with a bloody battle, simply give in. But for some, surrender is unacceptable. Even though they know it will be a fight to the death."

6. Illness can take on many forms. Those of the body are easy to treat. Much more difficult are the hidden maladies that fester in our hearts. The secret addictions that consume our souls. And the diseases we deny which affect our judgment. To survive we need to find that special someone who can heal us. But we can never predict who have the cure for what ails us. Or when they'll show up."

wisdom words part 1

aku paling minat tgk desperate housewives. bukan sbb isi citer tu..that one falls on second place. yg paling aku nanti2kan adalah kata2 di awal dan penghujung cerita tu yang diucapkan oleh mary alice. antara kata-kata yang bermakna adalah:-

1. "Have you met the perfect couple? The two soul mates whose love never dies? The two lovers whose relationship is never threatened. The husband and wife who trust each other completely. If you haven't met the perfect couple, let me introduce you. They stand atop a layer of butter cream frosting. The secret of their success? Well, for starters, they don't have to look at each other."

2. "This is the street where I used to live and these were the people with whom I shared my life. I met them the day they moved in. And I saw what they brought with them. Beautiful dreams for the future. And quiet hopes for a better life. Not just for themselves, but for their children, too. If I could, would I tell them what lies ahead? Would I warn them of the sorrow and betrayal that lie in store? No. From where I stand now, I see enough of the road to understand how it must be traveled. The trip is to keep moving forward, to let go of the fear and the regret that slow us down and keep us from enjoying a journey that will be over too soon. Yes, there will be unexpected bends in the road, shocking surprises we didn't see coming, but that's really the point. Don't you think?"

3. "It’s a shocking moment for each of us. That moment we realize we are all alone in this world. The family we take for granted could one day abandon us. The husband we trust so implicitly might betray us. The daughter we love so deeply perhaps won’t return to us. And then we could end up all by ourselves. Of course, some see great value in going it alone."

4. "When the truth is ugly, people try to keep it hidden, because they know if revealed, the damage it will do. So they conceal it within sturdy walls or they place it behind closed doors or they obscure it with clever disguises but truth, no matter how ugly, always emerges. And someone we care about always ends up getting hurt. And someone else will revel in their pain and that's the ugliest truth of all."

5. "There is a prayer intended to give strength to people faced with circumstances they don’t want to accept. The power of the prayer comes from it's insight into human nature. Because so many of us rage against the hand that life has dealt us. Because so many of us are cowardly. And afraid to stand up for what is right. Because so many of us give into despair when faced with an impossible choice. The good news for those who utter these words is that God will hear you and answer your prayer. The bad news is that sometimes the answer is no."